Our franchise consultants work together to build and protect your enterprise value. We develop strategies that create sustainable growth for your business.

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Franchise Maker provides simple steps for business to incorporate a franchise structure within your existing business structure.

We can build your business together, gaining capital through sale and improved profitability.

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The foundations of franchisemaker were laid in 2005 with the purpose of helping entrepreneurs grow their business and increase enterprise value through a Franchise Structure using easy step by step methodologies to ensure transparent transitional change.

Industry Experience

We have worked with a huge range of retail, food and service businesses in almost every sector of business. These also include non-profit organisations, government institutions and multi-national corporations.

Collaborative Culture

Collaborative Culture We are not the oldest company focused on franchising, but with our modern day spin and energetic working culture- our new company values of working together provides a solid platform for growth as we enjoy working on building businesses.

Focus on Results

Our franchise consultants work together to build and protect your enterprise value. We develop strategies that create sustainable growth for your business.


In the majority of cases we find that clients need a combination of services across our different disciplines from franchise consulting to recruitment. Before we begin our work together, we determine the objective and prioritise an action plan; whether you require a solution that leverages our capabilities or support around a specific business function; our focus is on results.


We analyse existing company structures and recommend the best structure to protect your assets and the accomplishments you have done to date.


We develop full franchise programs, implement franchise recruitment strategies and advise the most appropriate business models around leasing or sub-leasing. Our franchise consultants have an impressive track record of delivering value and helping clients grow from a single location to a national franchise network.


We assist companies in implementing radical transformation strategies. Our franchise consultants focus on increasing performance and reducing operational burden. We start by identifying the quick wins & then move into stabilising the business functions ready for exponential growth in franchisees.


We work with you on the frontline of your business, implementing our recommendations to drive growth and deliver results. Our consulting team has an impressive track record and hands-on experience across multiple sectors from retail, food and hospitality to service industries.

Investment and Exit

We work with you from day one to identify your end goal, whether it be trade sale, family succession plan or international growth. We focus on increasing your enterprise value by looking at your entire business model and structure.


Franchise Maker provides simple steps that complement your existing business structure and operations to grow your business through our joint recruitment strategy.

Franchise Recruitment Process

We will take you through every step of the franchise recruitment process, ensuring you are fully informed at all stages. By working collaboratively, we will find the perfect franchisee to match your business.

Franchisee Profiling

We are actively involved in screening, selecting and managing the entire recruitment process. Profiling the right franchisee for your business that can follow your process and fit in to your company culture.

Franchise Lead Generation

We can help you to identify the ideal franchisee. Using both online and offline measures we will assist you in generating leads from potential franchisees. We can also help you with the follow up process.

Franchise Document Reviews

As part of your due diligence in purchasing any franchise, you should consult with a franchise lawyer. We would be happy to work with you and look over all franchise documentation to ensure that your interests are protected.

Business Brokering

Our business brokering services will enable you to get the most value for your business, when selling. We will work closely with you to ensure potential buyers are identified and guided through the process.

Buying Advocate

If you are looking to buy a franchise business, our team of franchise experts can find the right one for you. Our team will assist with researching, evaluating and negotiating the purchase of franchise businesses.

Culture and Profiling Workshops

When franchising, we believe the personality and culture of your business is one of the most important criteria for recruiting franchisees. We’ll work with you to crystallise your culture and develop a profile for your ideal franchisee.

Master Franchise Recruitment

We will find you a master franchise partner that perfectly fits your business model and vision. Whether you are looking to franchise in the Australian market, or expand overseas, we will help you find the right people to grow your business.

Recruitment Coaching

If you have an existing recruitment team and strategy we can advise you the best way to improve it. If you do not have a team we can work with you to build a ideal franchisee profile and the best way to speak to those prospects.



CleanInvestor is a Sydney-based commercial cleaning franchise we commenced working with them in 2014 to get them going on their franchise structure. Being in operation for over 13 years the owners decided that franchising was a better structure moving forward to eliminate problems with wages to supervisors and a drop in cleaning quality by staff and contractors. By initially commencing and establishing the legal documents around the franchise structure including the franchise agreement and disclosure statements. We have assisted in the recruiting of 5 new franchisees in just the first 7 months of commencing the new franchise and have grown it to 13 franchises.

Squiggles Academy

Squiggler offers out of school hours program for primary school aged children initially based out of Kensington. Now with 3 sites, Squiggler was having issues with staffing, management and supervision given the nature of the business model. Squiggler approached FranchiseMaker to assist in the development of the franchise system and restructuring the whole 3 sites to a franchise system so the owner can grow the business rapidly. Squiggler has sold off 5 franchise territories and 3 existing franchised businesses.


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